Rolling Donuts in Dublin

Taken by AC. Dublin, Ireland January 2018

If there are three pieces of advice I would give a friend, they would be:

  • Travel as often as possible
  • Stay active however you can
  • Eat donuts wherever you go

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to travel often and when I do, I love to find the local donut shop and pop in for a nibble. It’s kind of a quirky way to see what pastries are popular, favor varieties and some good old fashion people watching. Ireland was no exception. What happy luck to find that one spot offers not one, not two, but a rotating list of TEN vegan options.

This is amazing news when looking for allergy-friendly options in foreign cities. It is true that I have found that most of the EU and Europe, in general, is way farther along on their allergen info and options than the US but it still surprises me whenever I see it.

Now let’s talk about the Rolling Donut.           Taken by AC. Dublin, Ireland January 2018

They have five locations in the greater Dublin area and have the feel of a high-end bakery but the charm of a family own local spot. Back in the 70s, a chap decided that Dublin needed donuts (bless his heart) and began making them and bringing them around like a donut concession at concerts and local events, appropriately named “The Rolling Donut”.  Still, in the family, his daughters run the show and create a rotating menu and ever-changing seasonal flavors to delight and excite both regulars and newcomers.

Rolling Donut Full Menu

If you find yourself in that part of the world, make a trip to one of their shops and be thankful that a Fellow Donut Lover decided to bring some delicious donuts to Dublin.

Pistachio Vegan Donut

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