Holy Donuts!

Okay but that’s actually what they are called. Probably because when you try them, you exclaim, “Holy Donuts! These are amazing!” blah blah blah. Well, these are old friends so welcome to the blog Holy Donut!IMG_0721

This is a local spot that became so popular that in just about three years it now has three locations in Maine. Holy Donut started out with the intention of making delicious locally produced donuts and while they put out over 2 million donuts a year, they are still locally sourced and hand cut. Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 10.30.19 PM.png

The thing that makes these special is no secret. In fact, they are quite famous for it – local Maine potatoes. The donuts come out extra moist and heavy. These are not your traditional cake donuts. They are the best of that traditional treat but, if I dare say, better.


If you make the trip (and you should), the Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt is the fan favorite and of course I’m always so excited to see their rotating menu of vegan offerings.

Check out the current list of flavors –> https://theholydonut.com/flavors/


(I don’t have any pictures of JUST the donuts since I usually eat it before I’m even out of the store! But here is a photo of my puppy drooling over the Vegan Pomegranate Donut!)



I know from experience that there is usually a line and that they can sell out of popular flavors so get there early!

Happy Donuting! ❤


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Published by Anneliese Cousineau

A twenty-something that loves donuts, adventuring, and my happy pupper.

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