Donut Shop of Prague

It has become a bit of an obsession of mine to find vegan donut shops when I travel. I haven’t found many, but to be fair, I haven’t been searching long.  My husband and I recently visited Donut Shop while in Prague this past August and tried four of their vegan donut selections. It was a tough choice – they offered 6 vegan options at our visit (including donut wholes! YUM). The shop is very cute and on trend with their plethora of potted plants, neon sign, and stickers with every purchase.

On trend and curated ambiance

There was a cathedral across the street with bells chiming, and the street had been blocked to vehicles, so pedestrians were milling about. All in all, very ambient.

We tried four of their offerings (see photo below- hover for flavors), noticing that they were all pretty similar. Maybe I have been spoiled with our New England fare, but I felt these donuts just didn’t live up to my expectations. Not to say they weren’t good (believe me, if you are a vegan traveling – this is the place to stop for some treats!), but they were a bit chewy, and the flavors were all the same, just in different combinations. With a good cup of coffee and a dear friend close by, these would be perfect to share. I wish I had tried some of the donut holes, but alas, there is always next time.


However, after walking about 25 minutes from downtown, a vegan donut will hit the spot, chewy or not.

Happy donuting, lovelies!



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