Union Square Donuts

The first time I saw Union Square Donuts was in Boston Public Market. They have a cute little shop that looks like a pop-up and they just sell their donuts until sold out. The human manning the stand is usually hanging out on their phone and you’re not gonna get much of a chit chat out of them but they are there to sell some donuts. Some really good donuts.

I live in Salem, Massachusetts and for the sake of this blog, I packed up my dog, got in the car and drove 45 minutes down to Somerville, Ma (right outside Boston) to try some vegan donuts. (**Beware of construction and little parking in the area.) So I found myself in a little shop that has a very small town kind of feel: some folks lingering on the window seats, a church or fire station across the street, trees in the boulevard, benches outside, and cute local art on the walls of the donut shop.

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So how are the donuts?


Well, it was a mixed bag. Their website states “we wanted flavors that would cause excitement, get people talking, and push the boundaries of what’s expected.” I sincerely commend them for this mission and think some donuts places offer crazy flavors just to be instagrammable. Union Square is clearly trying to put out a quality product that is also unique. That being said, I tried all of their vegan offerings (four in total) and there’s one flavor that is carrying the weight of the team.

Ten guesses which one I thought was the best…

The Blackberry Basil Lime was INCREDIBLE. As I typed that, I said it in French for extra emphasis. I am not partial to fruity donuts but WOW, I applaud you Union Square. The icing/glaze was delicate and so flavorful and I wasn’t totally sure if it was tangy or sweet or both. So so good.

All their donuts are very doughy – kind of reminded me of the texture of a Costco croissant – not flaky or cakey, just doughy. The chocolate donut threw me for a loop at first because the glaze tasted like melted dark chocolate drizzled on – thick, rich, and heavy. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but not in a bad way – just different. Really flavorful.

The only downside: they are oily. Like grease stain on the pizza box. Like soaking through two napkins oily. They place a wax liner in the cardboard box and for good reason: I had the cinnamon sugar donut on my lap on a napkin while driving home and I have an oil stain on my jeans from that thing. So consume at your own risk.

Bottom line: Blackberry Basil Lime – 5/5 donutholes! All the others, in general, 3/5

Would recommend giving them a try if you’re in the area or in the Public Market. I’ll be making another trip for that Blackberry Basil Lime realllllllllly soon.

Shine on, lovelies.



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