NYC’s Doughnut Plant – Where It All Began

Doughnut Plant – East Village, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, NY

In my mind, Doughnut Plant is a staple of New York living. Everyone goes on and on about the bagels but doughnuts are starting to enter the scene. 

We played tourists when my husband was stationed in Brooklyn New York in 2017 and after a very hot and very long walk across the Manhattan Bridge, we stopped in for some donuts at this little spot called Doughnut Plant. The place was coated in unique handprinted tiles and they had square donuts – something we had not yet encountered in our travels. I don’t even remember what donuts we got but I do remember they were tasty enough to warrant a second visit some weeks later when we brought some family members to town who also wished to play tourists.

First time at Doughnut Plant – 2017

The second visit brought us to downtown Brooklyn with endless construction and lots of closed sidewalks. We got some more donuts and enjoyed them on the bench out front. 

Thus, with these two visits to Doughnut Plant in the summer of 2017, brought about an idea: I should start a blog about donuts. As someone with particular dietary preferences as well as having a healthy appreciation for sweet pastries, I decided I would be doing society a favor by finding, tasting (eating many) and reviewing vegan/allergy-friendly donuts. Really, it was for science. For the greater good. How could I refuse? 

Summer of 2019 rolled around and I felt we needed another visit to Doughnut Plant. Now that I have been around the New England block of vegan donuts – I wanted to revisit their offerings and see if it was indeed all I remember. We decided to visit the East Village location. 

Donut Decor – I need these giant cushion pillows in my life!

I have made it my custom to try all the vegan offerings whenever I try a new place and this location had two vegan flavors available that morning: banana and classic chocolate. Thank goodness they didn’t have more because I would have eaten them all! Gluten-Free options included: Marcona Almond and Mocha. 

My husband is not as strict with his dietary needs and always goes for the peanut butter and jelly-filled and wasted no time devouring it – so fast, I barely got a photo before it was gone!

Donuts rarely last long enough for a photo around this guy.

As always, their donuts are delicious. Perfectly risen, strong but not overpowering flavors, and funky vibes at all their stores. I’ve been to them all and while their selection varies (perhaps by the day, season, or by store, I’m not sure), you can depend on solid New York doughnuts, vegan and GF options that are always good and honestly, I just think the fact that they are square makes them seem tastier.

Try them and tell me I’m wrong.

Overall: 4.5 out of 5 donutholes


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