Meet The Donuteur

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to my favorite distraction:
finding the best vegan donuts and telling you all about them!

I started this as a pet project to distract me from the endless term papers and research projects that grad school brings and it has introduced me to some of the yummiest flavors in New England. This page began as a journey find the best “allergy-friendly” donuts but as I discovered my body does not like any animal products, it quickly transformed into vegan only. (I should note that many establishments that I write about do offer other allergy-friendly options, which I will make note of when describing the selection – however, I only try the vegan choices.)

What is a vegan donut you may ask? These are specially crafted pastries that may appear to be a normal donut but have substituted all the animal products for plant-based alternatives without compromising any of the deliciousness.

Details you may, or may not, need to know:

  • Under 30
  • Vegan since 2016 (Vegetarian since 2008)
  • Willing to travel for donuts
  • Currently based in Salem, MA
  • Full Time Graduate Student in Boston, MA
  • Doggo mom to a joyous black fluff – Rainier.

Please send me your suggestions and I’ll credit you in the discovery if I make it to your favorite donut shop!
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Shine on!

❤ Anneliese, aka. The Donuteur

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